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our story.

Back in 2021, two sisters who were studying for the board exam had the idea to go into business together. They both loved Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) so much that they had the idea to help others in the field prepare for the "big exam" by creating materials to help motivate them along the way. Selling out stickers and other resources on Etsy and Teachers Pay Teachers, ABA Sissyahs, LLC has gained the support of many therapists, clinicians, teachers, and parents. 

Sissyah™  is a term of endearment that they created used to refer to a close friend or sister and it is what they have called one another for as long as I can remember. They only refer to each other by name when yelling - but I shut that down effective immediately. Terms ending in the sound "yah" is actually how the entire family refers to one another. I (their mom) am referred to as "Musshyaa™ ", their father is "Fajaa™ ", and their brother is "Brushyaah™ ".


To name their company after the term that they created and use daily truly depicts the amount of love and family ties put into ABA Sissyahs, LLC. I am beyond proud of their success and cannot thank you all enough for supporting my girls. 


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