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Do you know your therapists?

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

As a BCBA, one thing I try to do is get to know my therapists and anyone working with me. Let's face it, your therapists are the ones directly working with the clients, they are implementing the plan that you spent so much time writing, and pretty much look to you for any direction moving forward - and you mean to tell me you don't know when their birthday is?

A successful classroom, clinic room, or team starts with a successful bond. We pair with our kiddos, so why don’t we pair with our staff just as much?

If staff are not on the same page, don’t get along, or feel as though a major power hierarchy is in place, your team will not be successful. If you don’t have a successful team, you’re doing yourselves and most importantly, your clients, a disservice.

I have been in many situations as a therapist or paraprofessional where I wasn't treated fairly or didn't feel as though I was a lucrative member of the team. I knew being a BCBA that I would never want my staff feeling that way. In result, we created a "Get to Know Your Therapist/Paraprofessional" sheet that contains all the information one could possibly need.

Other ways to get to know your therapists include:

  • Ask them questions throughout the session (when appropriate). Work on your own social skills and make connections when you notice similarities amongst personality traits and/or interests.

  • Incorporate ice breakers or get to know you games during the session with your clients. At the start of therapy, we all have to get to know one another, so why not do it together?

  • Pay attention. People will often wear what they like, drink what they like often, or refer to it multiple times per day. Just listen and surprise your therapist with your knowledge of their interests.

The ""Get to Know Your ____" Sheets are available in the Shop.

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