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Behavior Consultation (Free Resource Inside)

What is behavior consultation?

Typically, school-based BCBA's are required to fulfill behavior consultation for their students. Behavior consultation can be easily explained as an observation conducted by a BCBA either in the classroom or in other less structured settings throughout the school day.

Who gets behavior consultation?

Special education students who have an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) and who require behavior observation, modifications to behavior intervention plans, or who have direct support in the classroom, such as a paraprofessional or Registered Behavior Technician(RBT)may receive behavior consult.

How much behavior consult does a student receive?

Each student is different, and behavior consult should be determined by the student's IEP team, including parents/guardians. When listed in the IEP, behavior consults will be displayed as the total number and duration of consults. For example, 3 x 30-minute consults.

What if I'm a school-based BCBA and need to keep track of my behavior consult and caseload?

We got news for you!! Check out our ---> free resource <--- for keeping track of your behavior consult!

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